"You know you're in trouble when just reading the publisher's blurb for a book makes you teary. But that's how it was for me as I picked up my copy of Quake Dogs....I love that animals mean so much to Kiwis that amidst the unimaginable horror of that day, we stopped and helped out our furry friends. I also love that proceeds from the sale of Quake Dogs go to the animal-rescue charity HUHA (Helping You Help Animals). And I love that a splendid book saluting our canine companions can be published in our country and will undoubtedly be seen shortly (and deservedly) at the top of the best-seller lists."
Kelly Bold, Scoop Review of Books

"When Quake Dogs arrived on my desk a few weeks ago, I was won over. The book is a tribute to canines who survived the Christchurch earthquakes - those who travelled miles to find their families; those who were trapped in buildings, terrified; those who helped in the rescue efforts and those who are still suffering the effects of the earthquakes two and a half years on."
Michele Crawshaw, New Zealand Herald

"These stories of Christchurch dogs at the time of the Canterbury quakes may bring a tear to the eye....Amazing, funny and sad, they tell of doggie heroism, stress, dedication, smarts and, above all, our deep, abiding connection with pooches."
Shelley Howells, Kia Ora Magazine

"This book is just beautiful. It's sad in some parts, tearful in others, but above all, it shows the strength and love of dogs (and other animals), that went through the Christchurch earthquakes...."
Jacquie Webby, Oamaru Mail

"It's just one of those lovely, lovely books....The stories are almost vignettes about the lives of the dogs who were affected by the quake and Laura Sessions has done a wonderful job in bringing them to life by humanising the dog stories....I got a bit teary at times and I was smiling and I was laughing at the photos and I think dog lovers, and pet lovers, will just love this, as will people who just want to hear about animals as well as people defying the odds....Stock up on it for your dog-loving friends."
Lisa Finucane, Radio New Zealand

"Prepare to be heartened by people's kindness, horrified at what some animals had to endure and humbled by the loyalty of dogs, when you read Quake Dogs....If you pick up the book and think you'll just flick through the pages, looking at the stunning imagery and picking out a few paragraphs here and there, think again. It has all the hallmarks of a good thriller, and before you know it, several hours will have passed, you will have probably reached for the box of tissues, and you will want to pick up the phone and donate to an animal charity somewhere."
DD, Gisborne Herald

Quake Dogs

The Quake Dogs Book

Quake Dogs includes stories of USAR dogs that worked in the central city right after the February earthquake; Guinness, the unofficial mascot of the Student Volunteer Army; Nemo, who has a special gift for predicting earthquakes; dogs who were rescued and dogs who rescued others; and stories showing dogs' uncanny knowledge when trying to find their owners.

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