HUHA is a national organisation that works to rescue and re-home animals around the country. They came to Christchurch not once - but three times - to take more than 70 dogs plus numerous other animals to safe and loving homes elsewhere in the country. This helped make room at shelters such as Dogwatch for more dogs that were homeless and abandoned after the quakes. Laura is proud to be donating her portion of the book proceeds to HUHA on behalf of Christchurch's Quake Dogs. If you are looking for a new pet, please consider adopting from HUHA!
Dogwatch rescues and rehomes dogs and puppies who, through no fault of their own, have ended up in the Christchurch City, Selwyn and Waimakariri pounds. Dogwatch rescued hundreds of dogs affected by the earthquakes, and they worked closely with HUHA to send some dogs to the North Island to be rehomed. If you are looking for a dog in Christchurch, please consider adopting from Dogwatch.
Dog Swim Spa is a custom-made dog swimming/spa pool built on June and Chris's 10-acre property in Templeton, Christchurch. Swimming is an excellent, low-impact exercise so it's perfect if your dog is recovering from an injury or has a chronic condition such as arthritis. Great for older and overweight dogs too! Our dog, George, just loves his swims with Lou - it's the highlight of his week!
Animal Physio NZ is a certified facility for canine rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. Elena and her staff treat dogs with any orthopaedic injuries, neurologic disorders, chronic conditions such as arthritis, and they offer loving post-surgical rehab care as well as fitness programmes. Elena even fitted the first prosthetic dog leg in New Zealand! I trust Elena to treat my own Quake Dog, George, which is the highest compliment I can give her. Kat is a local artist who custom makes absolutely stunning leather dog collars, leads and accessories. She made these gorgeous Quake Dogs collars for George and Mildred, which feature a lovely laser-etched Maori pattern and greenstone studs. My dogs have had so many compliments! Contact Kat if you'd like one of these, or another unique bespoke collar for your own Quake Dog. My Quake Dogs, George and Mildred, just adore the treats from Topdog Barkery, especially the pupcakes with special banana icing. Their products are wheat, grain, colour and preservative free and are made with natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand. Uli sells her treats online and she is also at many local farmers' markets, such as Lyttelton Farmers Market, where she also has Quake Dogs books for sale.

Laura is proud to be donating her portion of the book proceeds to HUHA, on behalf of Christchurch's Quake Dogs.

If you would like to donate to HUHA, please do so here:

Quake Dogs

The Quake Dogs Book

Quake Dogs includes stories of USAR dogs that worked in the central city right after the February earthquake; Guinness, the unofficial mascot of the Student Volunteer Army; Nemo, who has a special gift for predicting earthquakes; dogs who were rescued and dogs who rescued others; and stories showing dogs' uncanny knowledge when trying to find their owners.

"You know you're in trouble when just reading the publisher's blurb for a book makes you teary. But that's how it was for me as I picked up my copy of Quake Dogs....I love that animals mean so much to Kiwis that amidst the unimaginable horror of that day, we stopped and helped out our furry friends. I also love that proceeds from the sale of Quake Dogs go to the animal-rescue charity HUHA (Helping You Help Animals). And I love that a splendid book saluting our canine companions can be published in our country and will undoubtedly be seen shortly (and deservedly) at the top of the best-seller lists."
Kelly Bold, Scoop Review of Books