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Quake Dogs

The Quake Dogs Book

Quake Dogs includes stories of USAR dogs that worked in the central city right after the February earthquake; Guinness, the unofficial mascot of the Student Volunteer Army; Nemo, who has a special gift for predicting earthquakes; dogs who were rescued and dogs who rescued others; and stories showing dogs' uncanny knowledge when trying to find their owners.

"Prepare to be heartened by people's kindness, horrified at what some animals had to endure and humbled by the loyalty of dogs, when you read Quake Dogs....If you pick up the book and think you'll just flick through the pages, looking at the stunning imagery and picking out a few paragraphs here and there, think again. It has all the hallmarks of a good thriller, and before you know it, several hours will have passed, you will have probably reached for the box of tissues, and you will want to pick up the phone and donate to an animal charity somewhere."
DD, Gisborne Herald